3 Positive Ways to Approach the Subject of Downsizing & Moving

It’s a question that I get all the time. “How do I approach the subject of downsizing and moving with my aging loved ones?” It’s not easy when you are beginning to notice challenges they may be facing living in their home. There are things you can do to approach the subject and offer some help and support.

1. Approach the subject with respect, love and support. Your parents do not want to be parented. Come in with the position of being a support and an advocate for their wishes.

2. Ask them where they feel they are struggling the most. Perhaps it is going up and down the stairs. It could be that taking care of the home is becoming more challenging. Ask them where they feel they are feel they could use some help.

3. Be a resource for them. Find supportive services that will help them to continue to live in their home all while beginning to downsize some of their personal property.

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