3 Steps to Hiring the Right Professional

Isn’t it daunting to go through the yellow pages or do an online search and come up with several names in a category of professionals? How are you supposed to choose? How do you know which ones will be the best fit for you and your family?

Being in business for as long as we have provides us with some clear insight on which professionals are operating sound and trust-worthy businesses and those that are simply not in it for the right reasons.

Based on our experience and history, here are our recommendations for the 3 Steps to Hiring the Right Professionals:

1.  Hire for Experience & Expertise Not for Price:  Most true professionals operate at very high standards, have a specific expertise and years of experience which are all reflected in their pricing.  They have special industry licensing & regulations they have to adhere to.  They don’t cut corners when it comes to insurance and they are adamant about playing by all the rules.

When calling prospective professionals, don’t be afraid to ask about their credentials, their licensing, and their years of experience. A true professional will be honest with you and will be happy to share.

2.  Request an In-Person Estimate or Consultation to Check Them Out:  Before you buy, you want to try so be sure to hire the right professional for your project and you can check them out in person before you hire them.  If you live alone, ensure you have a friend or neighbour with you before letting a stranger into your home.

Upon their arrival, ask for their identification.  Most professionals will be wearing a uniform, drive a company vehicle or have collateral to show they are who they say they are.

Once they are in your home, evaluate how they respond to you and your questions: are they polite, kind & courteous?  Are they respectful of your property and your time?  Are they in charge or are you?  How do they carry themselves?  Do you have any warning bells going off or are you comfortable with them?

As you discuss with them what you are looking for, ask them to clearly lay-out their services and what their fee will include.  Ask them to highlight if there are any additional charges for certain services or if their price is an all-inclusive one.  And most importantly, be sure to get it all in writing!

3.  Ask Around & Do an Online Search for Testimonials, Comments & Feedback. Testimonials on a website are great but they are chosen by the business themselves to highlight all that went well.  In the real world, things do go wrong and challenges occur.  How does this company deal with complaints?  What do people say about them?  If something does go wrong, what is their policy?

Be sure to ask the above questions of the professional before hiring them and do your due diligence in asking around or researching them online.  As a side note, all professionals will have had a complaint if they’ve been around long enough.  The key is to not focus on negative comments but to ask how the matters were resolved.

Good luck in your search in hiring your professionals!  As specialists in home transitions who have been servicing the Ottawa and surrounding area since 2000, we have the years of experience to support our expertise and the credentials to support what we do. You can trust us and if you want to try before you buy, be sure to schedule your private and confidential consultation. We are here to help!

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