3 Steps to…Journaling

Journaling has been known to help many through very challenging and emotional times.  Giving space to putting thoughts and experiences down on paper provides an opportunity to release emotional and physical stress that comes with transitions.

Here are our recommendations for journaling:

  1. Start with the intent that journaling is a healthy way to release what is going on on the insideso that it can be freed from within.Journaling is a great opportunity to write down thoughts, feelings, observations, and experiences that you are going through.Not all experiences are pleasant while others provide great moments of joy.Journaling provides a space for you to let go of some of what’s eating you up inside in a safe and comforting way all while documenting wonderful life experiences.When you start with the intent to just be open and honest about what you are experiencing, you will find great relief and release when you’re done.2.  Journal in a quiet and serene setting.Bedrooms with soft lighting, a bathroom lit by candle light, a quiet space in your home are ideal places to write.  The quieter the space, the less stressed you will be while writing.Also, remember that journaling does not have to take a lot of time.  One day you may write for five minutes while on another other days you may write longer.  There are no set time limits when it comes to journaling so allow yourself to be in a quiet space for as long as you need to and write.3.  You’ve heard the saying, “Dance like no one is watching”?  When it comes to journaling, the saying is “Write like no one is watching”.   Journaling is an intimate account of your life’s experience and being open with yourself while writing will provide you with the greatest experience.

    If you’re worried that others will read your journal, tuck it away in a hidden place.  You may also purchase journals that have a lock and key for further privacy.

    Use your journal as a place for you to express what you are going through without editing out what you believe others shouldn’t read.  If you need to, put a disclaimer at the beginning of your journal stating that the opinions and thoughts expressed were those that were felt in the heat of the moment and in no way affect the deep love and affection you have for your loved ones.  🙂

Remember, this is your life and what you are feeling and experiencing is real to you.

So go ahead and journal!  You’ll be happy that you did!

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