Is It Time for a Career Change?

Wayne PaganiWe had the honour of interviewing Wayne Pagani, a master certified career strategist with over 17 years of experience providing in-depth career management and employment services to diverse clients. In this interview, Wayne provides practical and hands-on tips that will help you make the leap from your current career to a new one. Some of the questions that he answers are:

* What tips can you share for people to consider when planning their career transition or new business?
* What elements are effective in a career transition or job search?
* What do Boomers need to know about transitioning to a new career?
* What should people consider when thinking about a career transition?

Wayne is a master and his expertise goes beyond providing helpful insights, practical tips and ideas. Reach out to him and visit his website where you can  download several complimentary resources at and contact him.

Listen to the interview:

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