Dick Knowles, 77, and He’s All About Safety in the Workplace

When it comes to having a passion and having a deep sense of meaning in our work, Dick Knowles is on a mission to ensure that all workplaces are safe and that families do not have to face the loss of loved one due to a workplace accident.  At the age of 77, Dick is becoming known as the Safety Sage, and no time soon is he planning on retiring from this important work.


In our podcast, Dick takes on us on the journey of his work at Dupont to his now thriving consulting business in which he helps corporations implement safety standards and procedures to ensure lives are being saved.  Dick is an inspiration and to know this man is to know an angel on earth.

For more information about Dick, his work and his book “Partnering for Safety & Business Excellence” visit his website at Safety Excellence For Business.com.




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