DNA of a Great Realtor

There are hundreds of real estate agents vying for your attention in your neighbourhood.  You get the postcards, newspaper inserts, and sometimes a knock on the door.  But how do you know who to trust, what they’ll do for you and ultimately whom to pick as the realtor to best sell your house?

Our clients are often plagues by this question.  They want to pick the right realtor but they just don’t know how. Here is what we suggest:

  1. Patience:  Your realtor must understand that you will not make up your mind with one showing, one phone call, one visit.  They are the ones who screen calls, answer your every email and phone call and take you to all the showings.  It’s a time consuming job and they are often more patient than you are.
  2. Current knowledge and education of the current market:  There are market statistics to evaluate, prices to compare and many more factors that only a realtor can know.  Hiring a realtor with a great understanding of where you live and how to price your home will be a great asset.
  3. Integrity and honesty: This is a tough one to assess from looking at a website or a business card since it’s an intrinsic value.  Be sure to hire an agent that answers all of your questions openly, honestly and without hesitation.  Ask the realtor to show you information that comes from their databases that is privy to you as a seller.
  4. Availability:  There is no other sale professional that is more available to their clients than a realtor.  From phone calls to emails to text messages, a great realtor will have a team of people or themselves to personally attend to your questions, needs and yes, negotiation the deal.
  5. Perseverance:  No one wants a quitter and a realtor knows this.  If you are open to listening to their advice and suggestions and following through with the full plan, you will find that your realtor will go to bat for you.  Your realtor, although motivated by the sale, is more motivated by a happy seller and homebuyer.
  6. Dedication to Their Client’s Goals:  Every client is unique and has their own needs.  A great realtor will be flexible to meet their client’s timelines and objectives.  They may make suggestions along the way but ultimately their best interest is centered on their client’s goals.

Knowing how to hire the right professional for the job will make your home selling experience a successful one.  Hiring the right realtor with the DNA that suits yours will ensure you have a quick and successful sale. If you need additional help, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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