How to Approach the Subject of Downsizing & Moving with Your Aging Loved Ones

You may have started noticing that your loved ones are having challenges when it comes to the maintenance of their home or other daily living activities. They may be struggling with lawn and yard maintenance, or going up and down stairs. Perhaps they are struggling with cooking and cleaning. If you are noticing signs that it may be time for them to consider downsizing their home and / or bringing in supportive resources, here are three steps that you can do to have meaningful and helpful conversations with your loves ones.

  1. Come in with an attitude of respect, support and love. They have lived their lives independently of you and have been in control of their decisions. If you come in telling them what they have to do, they will resist and probably resent you too. Instead, be gentle on yourself and them and come in with an approach that is open, flexible, and considerate of their feelings.
  2. Ask them where they feel they are struggling the most. You may notice a few things that are worrisome for you but why not ask them what they are most worried about. Are the similar? Are they different? What if you give them the opportunity to share with you how they are feeling which will help them know they are in control.
  3. Provide them with resources that can help. Gather a few resources that can help them to continue to live safely in their home. Provide them with information and links they can explore that can guide them through the process of making decisions. You can refer our services to help with decluttering, organizing, downsizing and moving. You can find other resources at Focus On Seniors that can help them too. As you provide them with supportive resources, remember to let them know that you are there simply to help and not make decisions for them.

If you require further help or would like our assistance, be sure to reach out to us. We are here to help!



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