Estate Planning: How to Prevent Conflict Between Adult Children Before a Loved One Dies

Have you thought about what will happen to all of your personal belongings should you die? If you are the adult child of a parent who has accumulated years of memorabilia and valuables and are wondering what will happen to it all once he/she dies, do you know how their property will be fairly and equitably shared between you and your siblings?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, this podcast with Julie Hall, The Estate Lady, is sure to help you start planning now to avoid future conflict and additional heartbreak later. Julie Hall has been helping families for more than 19 years and she has seen her fair share of family fights over personal property after a loved one has died.

This podcast will help you understand what you can do now to ensure that your personal property or that of a loved one is equitably shared without tearing the family apart.

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