Help Your Aging Loved Ones Live Safely at Home

Where do you even start?

When your aging parents are not ready to move but you are noticing some challenges, here are a few things you can do to help them continue to live safely in their home.

  1. Do a walkthrough with the lights off or in very low light. What are they not seeing? What tripping hazards are you noticing? What can become a problem if there is not enough light? As you explore their home in low or no light, notice areas where you can add more lighting that is either triggered by motion, tap lighting or turns on automatically in low light.
  2. Help them have an easier time in doing. Doing laundry, doing dishes, opening cupboards, opening taps, etc.. What can you do to simplify their every day living tasks by changing taps to levers rather than knobs. Doing the same with doors and cupboards. Can you keep things within their reach by lowering items that can be easily accessed while items that are not being used regularly are moved to higher locations? Look at ways to simplify their lives by making it easier for them. You can also watch this video that we filmed at our local IKEA store showcasing easy modifications you can make to help your loved ones continue to live safely in their home.
  3. Bring in outside help. There are numerous resources that you can suggest to your loved ones that will help them with their meal preparations, property maintenance, running errands, home cleaning, etc. If you need vetted and professional resources, check out Focus On Seniors. These licensed professionals can help you and your loved ones continue to live safely in their home.

And as always, we are here to help. We are the professionals when it comes to decluttering, organizing, downsizing and moving. We can help you and your loved ones create a step-by-step plan, sort and organize their personal property, and help them with their future home transition. Do reach out to us. You do not have to do it alone. We are here to help!



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