Letting Go to Move Forward: 3 Tips for Releasing, Refocusing and Recreating During Loss & Transition

The holidays can be a time where grief and loss can be intensified exponentially and our ability to handle everything can be extremely overwhelming.

Letting go and moving forward is often something we hear however during the holidays, we often want nothing more to do but hold on for dear life.

Join us for an intimate talk about loss, grief and how to move forward not only during the holidays but all year round. Don’t head into the holidays with a heavy heart dreading the festivities. Listen to our call to find out how you too can enjoy this time of year while honouring the losses you are experiencing.

Our Guest Expert:  Ann Leach

Ann Leach is the owner of Life Preservers: a global grief support community. A grief recovery specialist, Ann has helped hundreds cope with loss and change resulting from a life-altering event. She’s had her own share of life experience and training to qualify her as your loss and change expert: a certified grief recovery specialist, a Master’s in psychology and counseling and by age 16 she’d lost every significant male in her life and by age 32, every significant female and she’s an only child! Most recently Ann survived the EF 5 tornado that hit Joplin, Mo. in 2011 but lost her home and everything in it. She’s rebuilt her life to include a private suite for client retreats called the Creative Cottage where she invites you to visit and relax, refresh and recreate your own life after loss and change. For more information, visit Ann’s websites at:

Life Preservers Grief Support and The Creative Cottage

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