Make a Decision. It’s the Only Way to Move Forward.

Aging parentsOften we feel stuck when paralized by indecision. It’s this indecision that keeps up from taking steps to move us forward.

Recently, we met with a family who wanted assistance preparing their house for the market. They didn’t have a big project ahead of them compared to many of our other clients. The house was relatively tidy and needed a little TLC for it to show well.

However, the family felt overwhelmed by where they were in terms of getting things organized and ready to list the house. As many of you know, we offer services to help with every step of listing a house and yet the family, despite their best intentions was stuck in not being able to make a decision.

Many of our clients are currently busy getting their homes listed before the spring rush and this family is missing out on potential buyers by waiting to make a decision.

When faced with overwhelm and uncertainty, simply assess where you are and what you need most. Determine what is most important and then begin making decisions based on your priorities.

Even the smallest steps will move you forward towards the larger more involved goals such as listing your house for the market and having it sold.

It takes but one decision to move the needle. Make it and then make another. In not time, you’ll be on the path to where you want to be – comfortably settled in to your new home.

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