Pay It Forward

In preparation for our December 10th webinar designed to help families come together to create gift packages for people in need, we dug into our archives and found this video. This is when our founder, Pierrette Raymond, had a women’s organization called Women Moving Forward (WMF). The organization was built on the foundation to help women come together, outside of business, to focus on things that were also important, like health & wellness, family & relationships, money & finances, fun & adventure and community & humanitarianism.

In November 2006, WMF hosted an event asking the women of the community to come together to help a local women’s shelter. A dinner was held and much to everyone’s surprise, over $10,000 in gifts were collected for the St. Joe’s Women Shelter. We were all so very thrilled! Women and their families would have an unforgettable Christmas.

We share this video with the hopes that it will inspire you too to go through the items you already have, add a few new items and create gift packages for the people in need in your community.

Once tonight’s webinar is completed, we will post the replay here to provide you with further ideas on how you too can pay it forward.

WMF no longer exists but Pierrette Raymond has recently relaunched a community called the More Than Just Business community. You can sign-up for free and receive great articles, interviews, upcoming events and other great resources to help you grow within and outside of your business.  It’s very much built on the same foundation of the original WMF and 2014 promises to be an outstanding year!

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