Telelink – Distance Help for Care Palliative Patients & Their Families

Having the proper palliative care for a loved one can be a challenge. Travelling to receiving care, obtaining the proper care, and navigating the maze of the medical system can all impede the care required by a loved one who is nearing end of life.

To help families, individuals and medical professionals, The Outcare Foundation has pioneering an amazing project called Telelink to help bridge the gap between education, training and care.

In this podcast, Lisa Davey, Executive Director of the Outcare Foundation, shares with us the details regarding the Telelink project and what we can do to help. Fundraising is a big part of the project and the Outcare Foundation is looking for your help, either to support the Telelink project with your donations or to share it with others.

To read about the project in detail visit The Outcare Foundation’s website and get in touch with Lisa or a member of her team to help.

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