The Power of the Olympics

Gold medal performanceFor the past two weeks, the Olympics have been a hot topic of conversation and for many, it brought them closer to their loved ones.

While speaking at a retirement residence this week, and while moving several families into other residences during the past two weeks, televisions were on and many gathered to watch and celebrate the amazing athletes and their accomplishments.

I saw so many reliving experiences and memories from past Olympics and sharing how their families were connecting more.

The women’s gold medal game against the U.S. was one of those special times where young and old came together and celebrated as one.

This morning’s gold medal win by our Canadian men’s hockey team was special and another opportunity for families and friends to be together, to celebrate and create memories.

As we go through the next week, let us remember the spirit of what the Olympics has done for us. It has brought us closer, giving us something exciting to talk about, all while letting time be a place to be with each other.

Challenge yourself this week, and every week, to reach out and connect to your loved ones and share with enthusiasm their lives and yours. Remember the spirit of the Olympics and rejoice together!

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