The Value of Each Room

iStock_000000472413SmallWalk into any home and you’ll immediately see which rooms are used most often by the “stuff” that is in it. Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens are the most used rooms in every home and they are the ones that “showcase” the way most people live. They also harbour the most clutter (outside of storage spaces/rooms).

To help you keep your home clean and organized, think of your home as “experiences or memory hubs”. Each room, each space, is there to create an experience or a memory. What you have in each of these rooms or spaces should reflect the experience you want for you or your loved ones.

For example, a bedroom is a place to rest, to relax and to sleep. What should be in that room should reflect just that. A comfortable bed with clean linens. Uncluttered nightstands and soft lighting.

Each room should encompass what you value most for that particular space and the experience it is designed to create.

Ask yourself and your loved ones this important question:  What main experience do you want for this room?

Each room should be a reflection of the experience you want to have in it with your loved ones.

  • If it’s a room for quiet and calm, does it reflect that?
  • If it’s a room for conversation, fun and energy, does it reflect that?
  • If it’s a room to create lasting memories with laughter and joy, does it reflect that?

A cluttered space does not let a room do and be what it’s supposed to do and be, and it impedes the main purpose and the experience that it is designed to create.

Rather than treat every room the same way, create the vision for what you would like for each room and then organize, declutter and create the space for the experiences and memories you want to create in that space.

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