Three Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again….where everything is rushing by us so quickly and there is just so much to do in very little time. And what suffers? The tidiness of our homes.

To help, we’d like to offer you the folllowing three things you and your family members can do to keep your home looking clean and tidy every day.

1. Keep the main entrance clutter free. The moment you & everyone living in your household enters the house, take care of outerwear. Hang coats; put away boots and shoes; put keys, purses and gym bags away. Don’t leave anything lying around.

2. Keep items off of flat surfaces such as countertops and tables. Often, flat surfaces become a dumping ground for things that should be placed elsewhere. Instead of keeping things on tables and counter tops that do not belong there, give them a home in cupboards, drawers and filing cabinets.

If you cannot find a suitable home for these items without it becoming clutter, decide if they are important enough to keep or throw out/recycle. If they are important enough to keep, ensure they are put away in an organized way so that they are easy to find and use again.

3. Clean bathrooms twice per week. A clean bathroom gives us a feeling of a clean home, and your guests (invited or unexpected) will no doubt need to use the facilities. Be sure to take 10-15 minutes every two-three days to wipe down counters, clean mirrors, and wash toilets and clean the tub/shower. Pay attention to your floors by sweeping them and giving them a good wash once per week to ensure the bathroom is always looking fresh and clean.

We are sure there are other things you can do. Please feel free to share with us your strategies in the comments below so that they can be shared with others too.

Know that the holiday season can be pleasant and enjoyable with some careful planning and organization. Your home is your haven and having it tidy and neat will ensure you leave stress related to its cleanliness aside so you can focus on family, friends and the beautiful time of year.

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