Tools for Downsizing or Decluttering Your Home

We at Moving Forward Matters, Ottawa Home Transition Specialists,  would like to share some of the basic tools we use to help you simplify the downsizing, decluttering, sorting and purging process.  These  tools that are easy to find and are quite accessible to all.

Here are the tools we suggest you have on hand before starting the downsizing, sorting  and decluttering process:

  1. Three different coloured bags: clear for donations; blue or green for recycling (paper in one, plastic and metal in another); black for trash.
  2. Boxes for donation, books & breakables. You can pick-up boxes at grocery stores or LCBO for free.  You can purchase boxes at storage companies, home renovation stores and moving companies.
  3. Paper to wrap breakables: If you are donating breakables , have paper available to wrap the items.  You can purchase paper at storage companies, moving companies and home renovation stores.
  4. Labels and markers: you’ll want to identify what is in every box by labeling it, including the boxes that are being donated.
  5. Packing Tape: this will be used to seal boxes once they are packed with items to donate and keep.
  6. Camera & Video Camera: take plenty of before/after photos to commemorate the process.  Take pictures of items that elicit good memories and are letting go.  The pictures will fascinate you later when they showcase all your hard work and progress.
  7. Kleenex: This is an emotional process and having a box of tissue nearby may be necessary.  Allow yourself to grieve, feel happy, sad, reminisce and let the tears flow.  It’s all part of the process of letting go to move forward.


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