Ultimate Kindness Project Eco-Boutique is Now Open! (until November 20th)

I met Kim several years ago.  It was while I had a women’s organization by the name of Women Moving Forward.  Kim was kind enough to spearhead a chapter in her local area to help women take control of their lives, have some fun and give back to the community.

Kim was an angel back then and she still has her wings.  Little did I know then how much Kim was sacrificing to raise her foster son who is a special-needs child.  Her son is oxygen-dependant because he has Acquired Bronchiectasis, an obstructive lung disease that has left his lung underdeveloped, and displaced his heart to the right side of his body. Her son is also fed through a tube so that food doesn’t go into his lungs and choke him, although he has recently started to eat a little puréed food and is doing well with it.  To add to it all, he has speech and developmental delays.


Kim is great need of a new vehicle.  A wheelchair-accessible van is what would make her world so much easier.  She recently shared a photo of what she has to pack every time she brings her son in her car and it’s just so much!

So a group of us decided to help Kim.  A colleague of mine, Lisa Larter, launched The Ultimate Kindness Project on her website.  She has raised over $7,000 (and counting) within her online community.

Others have donated a percentage of their sales, sold some items and donated the funds, while others continue to donate online through Lisa’s website.

The ultimate goal is to raise $25,000 and gift Kim and her son with their new van!

I am personally launching the Ultimate Kindness Project Eco Boutique our very own online store through ECause Canada.  It’s an online store of really neat products that are practical, eco-friendly, safe for everyone, and great for Christmas gifts!!!

We want to raise at least $5,000 at the Eco-Boutique so please shop, shop, shop and share, share, share!

Share it on your website!

Share it on your social media portals!

Share it at work!

Share it! Share it! Share it!

Let’s make Kim and her son’s Christmas one they will never forget!  Let’s gift them their brand new wheelchair-accessible van!

Let’s go shopping!

Please note: When placing your order at the Eco-Boutique, please select the direct shipping option, to receive have your order delivered to your chosen destination. 


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