What Is Truly Important

PossibleWhen I had my women’s personal development organization from 2002-2008, the foundational piece of what we stood for was being there for each other as we moved forward with our goals and aspirations. It was a group that was supportive, caring and we kept each other accountable for what was truly important in our lives.

We focused on six areas of our life:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Business & Career
  • Humanitarism & Community
  • Fun & Adventure
  • Family & Relationships

Each week, we’d set one goal in each area of our lives and then shared our success, lack of it, the following week to the group. It was fun, engaging and for many, life-changing.

Having a supportive group of people who wanted you to succeed was extremely helpful in making goals come true. Being accountable to someone else added to the likelyhood of success. Being honest and responsible for the decisions you made and the direction you were taking your life was critical.

Now that I have worked with seniors and their families since that time, I find that the same principles apply when we are planning on aging-in-place, downsizing and moving.

When focusing on what is truly important in your life, ask yourself what steps you need to take now that will help you to move towards what you want in your life. Look at all areas listed above (add finances) and ask yourself what is missing, what you would want and what steps you know will move you forward towards your goals.

You may need support from experts who are experienced and know  what you will be experiencing. Having someone to help lead the way will ensure your struggles are minimal, that the amount of stress and fear you experience is greatly reduced, and that you are kept on task and focused on the end goal.

It often doesn’t take much to get started. Just a desire to look honestly at where you are and decide what is truly important.  Then take one step each day to move you closer towards your goal.

You are responsible for your life. Don’t blame others or use excuses to hide behind where you are today. Instead, make a decision, start today, and look at your life, all areas of your life, and move forward.

We are here to help! You are not alone!


Pierrette2For more than twelve years, Pierrette Raymond has been working alongside families undergoing stress, anxiety and fear as they experience major life transitions including the loss of a loved one, moving from one home to another, or downsizing and decluttering their homes.

With a background in Psychology & Education and subsequent training in Death, Dying, Bereavement, Grief Recovery and certifications as a Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist & a Masters in NLP, she understands the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual challenges and complexities that people must face while they journey through a time of transition.

She has been described as compassionate, caring, having a huge heart and always working passionately and diligently for the families that she serves.

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